Physical 需求 (Click for details)

Abilities and Skills Necessary to Meet Curriculum Objectives

学生必须具备有效评估客户的生物、心理、社会和生理需求的知识和能力.  除了, each student must be able to analyze the data in order to state a client’s problem, plan for a full range of independent and collaborative interventions, 安全执行护理计划, and evaluate the care given and the client’s response to the care.   In order to safely care for any client, 学生必须有观察力, 沟通, 电动机, 认知, 社会心理, and behavioral abilities sufficient to carry out the aforementioned responsibilities.  Technological compensation can be made for some disabilities in some of these areas, but a student must be able to perform in a reasonably independent manner.  使用训练有素的中介是不可接受的,因为学生的判断会受到其他人观察的影响.   下列能力和技能是符合护理课程要求的代表:

  1. Visual acuity with corrective lenses to identify such entities as cyanosis and absence of respiratory movement in clients; to read very fine, small print on medication containers and physicians’ orders; and to discern equipment calibrations.
  1. Hearing ability with auditory aids to understand the normal speaking voice without viewing the speaker’s face; hear monitor alarms, 紧急的信号, 客户来电, and telephones; auscultate or hear blood pressures, 和心脏, 肺, 血管, and abdominal sounds with a stethoscope.
  1. Physical ability to stand for prolonged periods of time, perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation, lift clients and objects of 35 pounds or more, and move 从 room-to-room with coordination, 灵巧, and mobility 要求 to meet the clients’ needs.
  1. 在解释治疗过程时,能够清晰准确地进行口头和书面沟通, 描述客户情况, 实施健康教学. Students must also write legibly and correctly in the client’s chart/record for legal documentation.
  1. Manual 灵巧 to perform and maintain sterile technique to insert catheters, 取血, prepare and administer medication (oral, 肌肉内的, 静脉注射), 改变酱, and any other procedures 要求 for client care. Fine 电动机 skills include those clinical skills essential for patient care such as, 但不限于, 操作设备, entering client data both with a pen/pencil and keying in information on a computer keyboard.
  1. 在有压力的条件下安全工作,能够适应不断变化的临床环境,包括客户护理.   If a student can不 meet the above requirements, the faculty will meet to determine if the student can continue in the Nursing and Allied Health Program.

不歧视声明mg游戏平台 does 不 discriminate on the basis of race, 信条, color, 国家的起源, 宗教, 性, 性取向, 性别认同或表达, 残疾, 遗传信息, 年龄, or Vietnam era veteran status in its programs and activities. 如果你有体检的话, 学习, 或健康残疾,并希望要求住宿,以便合理地获得NMCC提供的项目和服务, you must register with the ADA Services Coordinator by contacting the Director of 咨询 at 207-768-2793, located at the main NMCC Campus in the Christie Building.


申请 2025年秋季 program will be accepted beginning 2024年9月1日. For early acceptance considerations, applications and all supporting documentation (成绩单, 建议, 等.) must be received by the 招生 Office by 2024年12月31日.  我们强烈建议申请人尽快提交申请,以确保有足够的时间完成录取程序.  甄选入校候选人 will be 不ified by 2025年3月.  NMCC does 不 maintain a waitlist for the program.  If you should 不 be selected for the current cohort, it is recommended that you submit an application for the next year.


All program pre-requisites must be completed before the 第一个 semester of the program. 在每个入学周期的1月15日之前完成所有先决条件的申请人将优先考虑. The prerequisites 要求 for admission to NMCC’s Nursing program are:

  • College Algebra OR Quantitative Reasoning (Preferred grade of “B” or 3.0)
  • 英语作文 (Preferred grade of “B” or 3.0)
  • 解剖学 & Physiology I with lab (Preferred grade of “B” or 3.0)

*正在申请入学的尚未完成大学代数或定量推理课程的高中生, 英语作文与解剖学 & Physiology I with lab must meet the following high school equivalent prerequisites:

  • Algebra I (minimum grade of “B” or 3.0)
  • English (minimum grade of “B” or 3.0)
  • 2 years of lab sciences with preference in Biology, Chemistry and 解剖学 & Physiology (minimum grade of “B” or 3.0)


*申请人有责任将通过成人教育或其他大学的先决条件课程的最终成绩邮寄给招生办公室.  Applicants are strongly encour年龄d to follow up and ensure that all materials have arrived for your file.  另外, if you are currently enrolled in prerequisite courses and/or 要求 nursing general education courses, make sure the 招生 Committee is aware of the course, institution name and anticipated completion date.



The following must be submitted to the 招生 Office to be considered for admission (The following must be submitted to the 招生 Office to be considered for admission (12月31日st is the deadline for early decision):

Required Documents (Click for details)
  • 正式高中 成绩单 或普通教育文凭(must have completed at least a high school level Biology and  Chemistry with labs 在过去的十年里; must also have had at least one year of algebra)
  • 官方学术 成绩单 从 all post-secondary institutions attended. * Regardless of whether transfer credit is being sought, applicants must disclose all prior colleges attended. 未能提供过去教育的所有信息可能构成取消录取资格或随后被学院解雇的充分理由,以及可能收回或拒绝提供经济援助资金.
  • Placement testing (may be 要求):
    • ACCUPLACER -分数必须 meet or exceed the MCCS 建议 on all on all three sub-sections: Sentence Skills, 阅读理解, 和定量推理 OR
    • Scholastic Aptitude Test (evidence-based SAT) – score 480 or above Reading & Writing and 500 or above Mathematics OR
    • proof of successful prior college courses
    • 请注意: Candidates who fail to meet the standard on placement testing will be deferred.
    • Recommendation requirements: As part of the application process for the Nursing Program at NMCC, you are 要求 to submit two (2) 参考文献 attesting to your motivation and commitment. 这些应该 送给亲戚, 而是对雇主, 前雇主, 指导顾问, 教练, 等.
      Please complete the top portion of the reference forms and submit them to the evaluator. 也, 我们鼓励您在每份表格上签署关于家庭教育权利和隐私法(公法93-380)的可选空间. The reference forms are to be returned by the evaluator directly to: 招生 Office, mg游戏平台, 埃奇蒙特路33号, 普莱斯克岛,缅因州04769
  • Two confidential 建议 on official NMCC参考表格专业或 学术的人 (new 建议 are 要求 each year). 请打印并使用 要求 建议形式.
  • 补充的问题 -候选人需要提交一系列由护理系教师和招生与外联主任制定的问题的打印答案.
  • Personal interview with the Nursing Admission committee
  •  TEAS™– Test of Essential Academic Skills – NMCC Administration
TEAS™ Test 信息rmation (Click for details)
符合分班测试要求的考生进入入学过程的下一步:TEAS™测试和入学决定.  To check the status of your application, log into MyNMCC.  Click on the 招生 tab and on the left side under “招生”, click (>) on Applicant Status > Folder Items > View Folder Items. If you have any other listing under “需求 Not Yet Met”, you should submit those documents immediately in order to complete your file.  You must have a complete file for consideration.  这是你的责任. **Applicants can take the pre-admission Nursing entrance exam (TEAS™) two times per application cycle. To ensure ample preparation the College recommends at least six weeks between separate testing attempts.  tea™分数在2年内都是好的. Test dates will be scheduled annually with additional test dates in the months of October, 11月, 和12月.

  • Candidates must create an account, register and pay for this test at www.atitesting.com.  ATI accepts credit and debit cards.
  • Registration for any TEAS™ administration closes 48 hours prior to the test.  报名请早,名额有限. Refunds are 不 made for no-shows or cancellations within 48 hours before the test.
  • 一定要注明 北ME CC tea 在你的个人资料中.
  • Candidates must bring a photo id and their ATI ID – candidates without this information will 不 be admitted into the test session.  To find your ID, log into your account at atitesting.com.  On the Student 首页 tab under My Account, click on the Go button to view your information. Late admission into the test session is 不 permitted; please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to scheduled test administration time.

TEAS testing will be administered on the NMCC Campus for 仅限NMCC护理申请者 在以下日期.  Tests will be administered at the Testing Center, located in the A.K. Christie building 招生 Suite.






Friday, 11月 17, 2023, 12:00 p.m.











Pre-test study manuals are available online 从 ATI.  A wide variety of other no-cost study materials/guides is also available online.  All students are strongly encour年龄d to prepare for the test prior to taking it.



护理课程的选择过程包括对每个申请人的学术历史进行客观评估,包括先决条件和大学水平的课程, 入学前测试结果, 补充问题回答, 参考文献, 还有个人面试. 护士入学委员会审查所有符合条件的候选人,并将建议转发给NMCC招生主任. To be seriously considered, applicants must:

  • Successfully complete the TEAS™ with the minimum adjusted individual scores of Reading 73.8; Math 70.0; Science 52.1; English and Langu年龄 Us年龄 63.3; Composite 65.
  • Earn A’s or B’s in all prerequisite coursework (higher grades carry more weight in the selection process);
  • Earn A’s or B’s in academic courses (high school and/or college) relevant to the nursing program;
  • Provide well-constructed, thoughtful answers to the supplemental questions;
  • 向了解你的长处的人寻求推荐,尤其是在成为一名护士方面. 请记住,这些建议是保密的,这些建议的内容不会透露给你.

Personal interviews are used as part of the selection criteria; interviews are scheduled with each candidate when all documentation and TEAS exam results have been received.


  • NMCC Immunizations Requirement and Physical Exam Form – NOTE: All Immunizations, 滴度, 根据NMCC免疫要求和体格检查表的要求进行体格检查,必须由适当的有执照的医疗保健提供者完成并记录.
  • 健康的库存
  • 录取通知书表格
  • American Heart Association Basic Life 支持 for Healthcare Providers Level certification

Once all of this information is received, an official letter of acceptance will be forwarded to you.

Nursing Program Admission for Advanced Standing (LPNs)

信息rmation for LPNs (Click for details)
Licensed practical nurse applicants, with a minimum of one year of experience, must meet the general requirements of NMCC and the following requirements:

  • Submit application and application fee along with all 要求 documentation:
    • Submission of HS and college 成绩单
    • Submission of proof of current (at time of acceptance) LPN license.  NOTE:  LPN license must be current throughout the program.
    • 实践护理教育的成绩单(在接受之前),表明成功完成了国家委员会批准的与缅因州实践护理课程类似的实践护理课程.
    • Two (2) nursing related 参考文献 从 the most recent employers.
    • 补充问题-候选人需要提交一系列由护理系教师开发的问题的打印答案.
  • Successful completion of the following general education courses:
    • 解剖学 & Physiology I and II w/lab (within the last 10 years of application date)
    • 英语作文
    • College Algebra and/or Quantitative Reasoning

To be seriously considered, applicants must:

  • 最好在所有必修课程中取得A或B的成绩(分数越高,在选择过程中越重要)
  • Provide well-constructed, thoughtful answers to the supplemental questions;
  • 向了解你的长处的人寻求推荐,尤其是在成为一名护士方面.  请记住,推荐信是保密的,这些推荐信的内容和/或在选择过程中分配的分数将不会被透露;

Personal interviews are used as part of the selection criteria; interviews are scheduled with each candidate when all documentation has been received.


  • 甄选入校候选人 必须提供 all 要求 documentation and deposits by the date stated in pre-admission letter or admission will be revoked.
    • Medical compliance, immunizations, health physicals/inventory, 等.
    • 背景调查
    • 教室里的存款
    • 承诺函
    • American Heart Association Basic Life 支持 for Healthcare Providers certification

Upon successfully meeting the above requirements, LPNs will receive credit for ALH124, NUR100, NUR117, 和NUR125(相当于 第一个 semester coursework in the Nursing program).

For additional information, please contact us:




Phone: 207-768-2785 Email: admissions@teambmpt.com传真:207-768-2848

Hours: 7:30 am – 4:30 pm Monday-Friday or by appointment